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We live in a Sunlight home currently that Jeremy bought from original owner, and this will be the second time Amy has built with Sunlight! Maggie was wonderful. She was very helpful and was able to help us with our questions and design selections.

Amy & Jeremy Grose

Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We really appreciated her patience and professionalism. We cannot wait to move to our new home.

Izabella & Ryan

Great job 😊 love the layout of the design centre

Autumn & Josh

This was a great experience! Stephanie was fantastic and very helpful. The design centre has many great options, we can’t wait to see our design choices come to life in our new house!

Hannah & James

Warm, friendly, expert service. The process was seamless, easily completed. The whole process was completed in a short time! Great experience! Thank you!

Carlos & David

Hi, Just to let you know that we are done with the framing walk through today. The site super, Derek, is very accommodating and he exceeded our expectations as he clearly answered our questions. He addressed properly our possible concerns.

Evelyn & Nathaniel

We were completely satified with the amount of time spent with the designer and their knowlege of our interior design concepts, color selection and the overall Design Gallery. She explained everything to us very politely and helped us to choose our colours and many other things!

Y. Singh

Stephanie was amazing in giving recommendations and guiding us through the process.

Harkaramdeep & Ekjot Virdi

Excellent sales rep, gave lots of time to talk & walked through all details in full. Five star!

Peter Mckenna & Susan Allin

Really enjoyed my experience at sunlight. Everybody was very polite and answered all my questions, as well as spent a lot of time showing me around their design center. I appreciate when people take their time to do something, with a smile on their face. My family and I are very pleased with our home, and I wish I could rate them more than 5 stars. Thank you sunlight!

Steven Koss

They helped us design our dream home and my family is very pleased with the results. We built our house a while back, and after all this time, it is still in excellent shape even though we have 3 young kids. The materials are visibly high quality considering everything is still intact. We recommend them to anybody wishing to purchase a new home.

James Brodeur

We recently built a home with them and we are so in love! Our house is so beautiful and well built and we are so thankful that they took their time to answer any questions we had and help us throughout the entire process! Overall, one of the best home builders and I would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a home builder!!!

Evelyn Valle

Looking for a builder to build your dream home? This is the place to go! Talk to them today!

Danielle Frey

Anne is very professional, knowledgeable and welcoming. Anne is very honest, if unable to answer any of our questions or if she needed to get in touch with builder. She always replied within a timely manner. Alyssa was able to help us with grading changes needed to be made. Patient and understanding of our concerns. Stephanie was very patient and helpful and gladly put up with our indecisiveness. Very helpful with putting our concerns to rest.

James McKinnon & Kassandra Sanford

We just moved into a Sunlight built house a few weeks ago and we are toatally happy with our new home. The details that are put into this home exceed what we found others to use. Wilson and his crew have been amazing een after the move in getting some of the outside things done for us. We are very happy to be part of the Drayton community!!! Thanks Sunlight Homes!!!

Linda Dorscht Dietrich

Stephanie was amazing. She made the process of choosing colours an absolute breeze. She answered all of our questions and made the process go by very quick and easy.

N. Lee & T. Phu

Excellent Service, very professional and clear explanation of everything. Thank you so much for everything.

N. Gosal

We had a great experience designing our new home!! Stephanie was extremely helpful and patient with us. Thank you.

T. Young & R. Donati

Hi. I want to thank you for the smooth closing and the delivery of my home on the stipulated time as agreed. My special note on Stephanie who helped my family to select the best interiors. I want to thank Chris - Site Supervisor who explained me every aspect of the home. Thank you once again for all your assitance and great customer service. Just go tht lock codes from the lawyer.

Julfikur Rahman

Hi all: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all involved for the preparation of our new Woodstock home. Everyone has been most accommodating throughout this process. This is our first new home and so it has truly been an adventure. It is a lovely community and I know we will have many new memories to make here.

Reta & Jamie

Hi Stephanie - just want to thank you for all your hard work and patience. First time experiencing buying a new home. Very overwhelming but want you to know how much we appreciate your help and guidance. Thank you!

Dale & Kathy Levere

The day spent with Stephanie was so informative and supportive. Her input and suggestions were invaluable. She was so patient and caring. The finishing choices wer so varied. We look forward to our next step.

Brenda & George Tupling

It's a great experience to visit the design centre. Designer Lilly helped alot in the selection of material and colours with her great knowledge of designs and the design centre.

Muhammad Ata

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Happy New Homeowner

We were very happy with the service received from Sunlight Homes. What we liked was that we were able to deal directly with the owner who in turn contacted the trades himself and they came in to do any items we needed them to look at. We would recomment them to family and friends no problem.

Harry Dietrich

Thank you very much. I drive by every weekend with a big smile on my face I can't wait to move in :)

Owen & Bertha

We are thrilled with our new home from Sunlight! We were able to select a wide variety of wonderful customized options to make our home perfect for us and we are very impressed with the attention to detail. Sunlight has been very helpful to us throughout the process of buying our home and settling in.

Josh & Lindsay

We just wanted to send "Uncle Wilson" and the Sunlight Heritage Homes employees a big Thank You for making our first home purchase an amazing experience. Our son Mateo gravitated to Wilson right away and even started calling him "uncle" during our walk through. What a sweet little surprise for our little boy to see these Cat Construction toys sitting on the counter when we walked into our beautiful new home! Thank you so much!

Randal, Victoria & Mateo Garcia

Thank you so much for your fast reply. Yes Sir,we are very happy with the house,of course there are some minor details that could be easily fixed.Long story short,we are very happy here and we are enjoying every moment spent in this beautiful house.Thank you Wilson!

Dan Parau