Year End Drywall and Caulking Form

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Flaws in the drywall finish occur in the first few years of a home, due to minor shrinkage and movement of the lumber, and minor settlement of the home towards a final position. As a courtesy, we will repair nail pops, caulking, cracked corners and other similar decorating problems one time only during the first year of occupancy.

We so not sand or repaint. Repainting is the responsibility of the homeowner. You are therfore advised to wait until the later part of your one year warranty period.

You may wish to redocorate after these reapirs are completed.

While every effort is made to control drywall dust, it is inevitable that the dust may continue to settle throughout the home for some time after repairs are completed. The cleanup of all residue is your responsibility.

Please note a maximum time frame to complete these repairs will be capped at 2 hours. Anything above this time frame will be an additional charge of $75/hour.

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